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Everyone on board had the Blues

One of six blue whales seen today in one hot spot area. you are looking at the anterior 1/3rd (approx) of this giant.

Everyone on board had the Blues

Blue skies.   Crystal blue water.  At least 6 blue whales (three watched closely).  They came out of the blue as we were looking for our humpback whale friends from yesterday in the eastern Santa Barbara Channel.  Captain Dave spotted a spout at least 3 miles ahead of the boat.   I don’t know how he does it.  I would have thought the curvature of the earth would come into play for a 6 foot tall Captain, but he was another 30 feet up off sea level on the flybridge.   (That’s everyone’s math lesson for today !)    The crystal blue water gave us spectacular looks at these giant cetaceans under the surface.   The first #bluewhale even fluked up for us as we got within a half mile or so.   Most of the sightings were very close to the boat as these giants seemed to pass close and take a look at us.  Very loud breathing noises and tall spouts from all of them.   The krill layer must have been deep as the bottom times were proportionally long.   We did see one nice humpback whale and a second humpback in the distance.  There were also some large herds of long beaked common dolphins and we watched at least 1,500 #dolphins on the trip today.

How nice it was to see so many blue whales this late in the season. You never know what Mother Nature has in store.

Bob Perry Condor Express

PS    I’ll post up today’s photos sometime tomorrow.

PPS    My photo exhibit and all the artists work in the “A Crimson Holiday” store will be open to the public Nov 1 to Jan 31.   This is a slight correction to what I posted yesterday.

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