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First Gray Whale Sighted !!

First Gray Whale Sighted

Friday, Nov. 9, 2012 News from the Boat Yard.

The Gray Whale season is approaching fast and the Condor Express crew has been working hard to spruce things up and make some mechanical enhancements that will improve the ships performance. This includes sanding, painting, chipping, cleaning…all that fun stuff. But in the meantime, one of us (me) has seen a Gray Whale calf in the surf along Zuma Beach in Malibu this past Wednesday. It is a harbinger of our fast approaching Gray Whale Season for 2012-2013.

Ship modifications and maintenance is scheduled to conclude around Thanksgiving Day. We are HOPING to schedule our first trip on the Friday after Thanksgiving, or Nov. 23rd, but sometimes things take longer than expected in the boatyard …stay tuned for further updates.

Meanwhile, you can sign up now for Gray Whale Season!

Bob Perry

PS…Some of you may have received an odd series of old 2010 email whale reports earlier today. There was some sort of bug in our online email and blog system, and appears to be fixed now. We are sorry for the re-sending of very old news.

PSS…If you want to receive our whale reports via email, please sign up on the right in the “Captain’s Blog Via Email” box.

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