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First Look at a “Dalmatian” Humpback Calf !

Land of the Humpbacks. (2 weeks ago they were far to the East)

First Look at a “Dalmatian” Humpback Calf !

The fog had us pretty well running blind for most of the morning.  Nevertheless, Captain Eric was able to smell a few early humpback whale sightings before the afternoon sun came out.  In the post fog light a total of 12 humpbacks were closely watched today, with more spouts in the distance.  The whales moved apart, came together and moved apart all over the north Channel feeding grounds (see ship’s track above).  Perhaps the most curious sighting was a mother with a small calf that was black colored with white spots, and was immediately nicknamed “The Dalmatian” by Captain Eric, as permitted by Coast Guard Section 4-2-15 (1992).  Later in the adventure, a humpback performed a repeated sequence of a tail throw then a breach, at least 10 times.  Amidst all the big whale activities, there were common #dolphins in massive herds all day long.  A very rough estimate of 5,000 was determined by the crew.  This has been a FANTASTIC week full of dramatic sightings.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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