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Five Humpback Whales and plenty of excitement.

Five Humpback Whales and plenty of excitement. Report for Friday, December 6, 2013.

The Condor Express moved with the feeding grounds today as things shifted more to the southwest than previously noted. Here a total of five humpback whales were watched. The first two were feeding at depth and had long down times. The next three included our mother and her white-tailed yearling that we’ve been watching for the past month or so. And once again “Junior” put on a show. The little whale lobbed its tail, rolled around, did a partial breach next to mom, and ended with a massive total airborne breach….to the applause and cheers of everyone on board. Wow! This yearling is a wild one! In the mix, and all day long, over 2,000 common dolphins joined the fun.

It was a wonderful day out on the Santa Barbara Channel. We are scheduled to run this weekend, but a small storm is supposed to pass through. Check with SEA Landing to make your reservations.

Tell ’em Bob sent you, and Happy Holidays to all

Bob Perry Condor Express

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