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Five “new” Humpback Whales and More

Five “new” Humpback Whales and More

Another fire cracker experience in the Santa Barbara Channel’s northeast regional hotspot today. Things heated up a bit with more bird and dolphin activity/ feeding frenzy preying on big schools of anchovies. The common dolphin count went up to at least 700 today and a minimum of 4 Minke Whales were also on patrol in the vicinity. To top things off, we saw five humpback whales, and these were not the same whales we reported yesterday. In the mix there was a nice mother and her calf. Some surface feeding did occur by these humpback whales.

This has been a nice long sustained period with warm temperatures, clear skies, calm seas and clear water….all this adds up to a very dynamic whale watching experience. So what are YOU waiting for, eh?

best Bob Perry Condor Express

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