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Fog closes in and Condor Express sings the Blues

Blue Whale

The “inaugural” cruise of the mighty Condor Express was run today. And the ship looks great…filled with new navigational electronics (navionics). She ran as good as always and it was a thrill to be back on board ! Now, fog is the subject of many famous blues songs. But I am not talking about songs. Even though it was pretty dense fog at times in the Channel today, Captains Mat and Dave were able to find us a lone humpback whale, and TAH-DAH…three blue whales, one of which was a very small youngster. In addition we were visited by 1,500 – 2,000 common dolphins and many of those had juveniles with them too.

Despite the fog, sea conditions were great and our first trip back since the fire was fabulous. I’ll post up the photos tomorrow or Monday.

By the way, please stop by my Condor Express Photos booth at the Santa Barbara Ocean Festival next Saturday from 10am to 7pm. I’ll be on the Cabrillo Blvd sidewalk, right at the end of the walkway to the Condor Express. Hope to see you there as you enjoy the music, food and great ocean art.

Bob Perry

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