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Friendly Humpbacks put on a Show

A friendly humpback whale. photo: Bob Perry

Friendly Humpbacks put on a Show

We ran three trips today under ideal sea conditions.  A total of 5 friendly humpback whales were watched closely, with many spouts and a few breaches off in the distance.  We had our share of nice breaches close to the boat also, with one on the 9am and another on the 12 noon excursions.  The two morning trips were filled with hungry common dolphins, numbering in the thousands, all feeding actively on anchovy schools.  Hundreds of California sea lions also joined the banquet.  On the 3pm trip we had great friendly humpbacks, but the dolphins had moved out of the zone.  The friendly, voluntary, close-approach behavior of the humpback whales is something we look forward to each Spring.  And this season is off to a great start.  Whales came over to the boat, swam around and under, and a few performed some amazing underwater turns….thankfully the water was clear and blue.

We have all 3 trips open tomorrow. You never know what Mother Nature has in store.

Bob PerryCondor Express

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