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Giant Blue Whale & 14 Humpbacks & 2,200 Dolphins

2015 07-14 SB Channel

We left Santa Barbara Harbor with patchy fog and a very light breeze, and we ran southwest. Not too far off Campus Point we ran into a nice hot zone with humpback whales (10), Long-beaked common dolphins (1,000) and a nice bunch of crash-diving elegant terns. We moved around this zone for over an hour, paying homage to each individual #whale with its compliment of #dolphins.  A mother humpback and her small calf paid us a visit too.

Just after noon found us about 4 miles north of Santa Cruz Island and crafty ol’ deck hand (and 2nd Captain) Eric dialed us in on a behemoth blue whale that was easily 80 or 85 feet long. At this point the wispy patches of fog that we found closer to the mainland had burned off to a bright sunny sky and the water was clear enough to make the blue of the blue whale pop. This whale featured 12 minute down times and long surface intervals spent circling around, as so many of its species seem to do. This was a fantastic sighting.  Apologies to our friend Keith from the UK.

Onward to the west end of Santa Cruz Island and Captain Dave’s A+ tour of the sea cliffs and grottos. Of course, the Condor Express staple, a visit into the world-famous Painted Cave, was enjoyed by all.

On the way home we found another hot patch with at least 4 more humpback whales and another 1,200 or so common dolphins.

What a day!

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

Schedule notes:

Thursday, July 16, public whale watching will run from 100 p m to 530 pm

Monday, July 20, public whale watching will run from 100 p m to 530 pm

Monday, July 27, public whale watching will run from 100 p m to 530 pm

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