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Gray whale seen feeding on anchovies.

2016 03-20 SB Channel

Two trips left the docks today. Sightings totaled 3 gray whales, 10 humpback whales, 120 Pacific white-sided dolphins, and 200 long-beaked common dolphins. The biggest sighting was on the 12 noon trip where passengers and crew report seeing a single gray whale surface lunge feeding on a northern anchovy bait ball cooperatively with 8 humpback whales.  This all happened in the Santa Barbara Channel

12 noon About ½=mile from Santa Barbara Harbor we first encountered a group of Pacific white sided dolphins (aka, Lags) and then a gray whale..  The whale was rolling around and did couple of ½-body breaches and landed on its backs every time.  Moving east, we found common dolphins and Lags together.   There was great weather and wonderful sea conditions.

3 pm We ran east as far as Carpinteria where a single gray whale was located and started slapping its tail and heading south.  We followed along.   South of Hogan we located a large hot spot full of dolphins, sea lions, sea birds, and then a gray whale with humpback whales surface lunge feeding on anchovies.  This is highly unusual and was confirmed by many naturalists and crew members.  At one point the gray whale evacuated a green liquid urine in mid-air.  Wild stuff.  We are still trying to locate someone with photos or video of this sighting.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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