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Gray whales and dolphins

2017 03-31 SB Coast

Although it was very windy in the middle of the channel it never really came in on the coast where all our action has been the last several weeks. Totals for the trip today included 600+ long beaked common dolphins and five gray whales.  A trip with gray whales and dolphins is typical of the fun we have this time of year.

Captain Dave left the harbor and ran directly straight out into the channel where there was a big feeding frenzy. There were diving seabirds along with com and dolphins stretching over many miles. There was lots of action and lots of feeding going on; not a good day to be an anchovy.

After the dolphin encounter, Captain Dave ran west and off of More Mesa he encountered three gray whales on their way to the north. These three whales were relatively shy but Dave stayed with it and everyone had good looks. It looked like the wind might possibly fill-in, so Dave turned around and headed back towards the east. Near the harbor entrance, two additional gray whales were located and, again, good looks were had by all. It turned out to be a little tiny bit bumpy but the wind never did fill-in during our trip.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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