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Harbor closure continues

Harbor closure continues

Captain Dave updated the situation in Santa Barbara Harbor.  The recent strong Pacific storms that brought long overdue rains to southern California were accompanied by very big swells that were generated far offshore as the storms moved towards land.  These huge waves shifted the sands and debris into the mouth of Santa Barbara Harbor making safe passage in and out of the harbor mouth very risky at best.   On Sunday the harbor patrol closed the harbor to boat traffic both inbound and out.  Dave tells me that everyone is now waiting for the harbor dredge, La Encina, to get her pipes and gear laid out and start dredging away the sand and debris.  Dave’s rough estimate was that the Condor Express and other boats might resume normal schedules on Friday.  The good news is that the weather from Friday through the weekend is supposed to be sunny and warm.  We are all saying our prayers that the situation gets cleaned up and things get back to normal.  We know the whales must wonder where we have been !

You never know what Mother Nature has in store… Bob Perry Condor Express

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