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Humpback Whales get Friendly

2015 09-10 SB Channel

Captain Dave and his crew found their first cetaceans about 8 miles southwest of Santa Barbara today. Seas were flat and calm. The air was warm, but not as hot as on shore as our heat wave peaked today. The first cetacean sighting consisted of 3 humpback whales that had relatively long down times but very nice tail flukes on the surface.

There is nothing better than when humpback whales get friendly. The next sighting included 3 additional humpback whales, one was our pal “Rope” and her friend, plus a third whale. Dave’s behavioral analysis of Rope is simple: she is always more active when she has a friend. So today, with a friend, the two whales came very close to the boat, rolled around in some kelp, passed under the boat and generally made their fans on board very excited. The friendly encounter was followed by a massive and close breach that sent water flying high up into the air.

Dave also did one of his now famous tours along the pristine coastline of Santa Cruz Island and a visit into the mouth of the massive Painted Cave.

On the way home it was time for the dolphins. The first pod was about 250 strong and consisted of short-beaked common dolphins. The second was a pod about the same size but made up of long-beaked common.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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