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Humpback whales on a picture-perfect day.

2016 02-07 SB Channel

Captain Eric and the crew had a nice day with good, sunny and warm conditions in the Santa Barbara Channel today. Northeast Santa Ana winds in the far eastern Channel kept things glassy and smooth in our neck of the woods. A total of 4 humpback whales (more in the area) and 500 long-beaked common dolphins were seen during the excursion. Here is the general picture:

Just a few miles south of Santa Barbara Harbor we came across a small pod of common dolphins, had great looks, and played for a while. Continuing south, a larger pod of at least 250 dolphins was found in the mid-Channel region. Dolphins were scattered here and there throughout the trip and into Chinese Harbor.

Spouts in the distance led us into Chinese Harbor on Santa Cruz Island, and we located 4 humpback whales east of Prisoner’s and moving east. The whales were businesslike for the most part, but we did have a couple of nice close approaches. Great looks were had by all, and additional humpback whale spouts were seen within binocular range.   By the time we returned to the Harbor the hot Santa Ana winds had begun to reach us.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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