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Humpbacks, Offshores, Commons, Epic Conditions

2015 07-24 SB Channel

Captain Dave drained the Santa Barbara Channel of cetaceans large and small on an epic whale watching adventure today.   Right outside Santa Barbara Harbor there was a large pod of long-beaked common dolphins. They entertained their fans on the Condor Express and were a fantastic opening act. Sea conditions were splendid, flat, sunny skies and extremely clear underwater visibility.

Moving south to the shipping lanes where several humpback whales have been lately, there were no #whales in that zone today. However, in what was one of the most special sightings of the day, the zone produced over 100 offshore bottlenose dolphins. This massive heard of large bottlenose coupled with the flat seas and crystal water clarity was enough to make your knees weaken.   Of course, these #dolphins are known for their aerial acrobatics and the show is always amazing.

From the shipping lanes and offshore bottlenose we ran to another productive region north of Platform Habitat and worked it to the east and ended up in The Flats.   We did have the good fortune of finding three humpback whales as singletons across this region, and the sightings were very good.   More long-beaked common dolphins in the area brought their total for the trip to about 1800.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

Remember:   Monday we run a public afternoon whale watch from 100pm to 530pm and this is the time of day the humpback whales get frisky.

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