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It’s a feast on the feeding grounds and everyone’s invited!

It’s a feast on the feeding grounds and everyone’s invited!

Nice, flat and calm conditions on the Santa Barbara Channel today lead to many outstanding sightings.  Right out of Santa Barbara Harbor there was a humpback mother and calf pair traveling west.  Nice looks were had.  Then it was back to the northeast corner of Santa Cruz Island for a tour of the moveable feast.  The first invited guests to show themselves were 4 giant blue whales with short down times and long surface intervals.  Nest to arrive were at least 10 more humpback whales including another mother-calf pair.  Again, the mom and calf stayed close and made several trips to the boat and under the boat to thrill the humans peering down through the clear water above.  There were also 2 nice, widely dispersed pods of common dolphins…perhaps 1,000 or more, and many more humpback whales all around in the vicinity.  Just outside the harbor Captain Dave yelled out for two huge ocean sunfish (Mola mola) and that pretty much put the icing on a fantastic expedition today.

C’mon out this weekend while the species are still running amok on the feeding grounds..

Bob Perry Condor Express

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