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Lake conditions in the Santa Barbara Channel.

2017 11-26 SB Channel

The Condor Express found flat calm lake conditions in the Santa Barbara Channel and it was a bit cooler than it was during the past week’s heat wave.  Total sightings included 5 humpback whales, 5 blue whales, 500 long-beaked common dolphins and 120 California sea lions.

Cetacean encounters got started very quickly as 2 humpback whales located the Condor Express just outside Santa Barbara Harbor.  The whales were perfect to watch as they were found logging on the surface.  After a while, they “woke up” and started to move west slowly.

Further offshore and in The Lanes we found the largest concentration of marine mammals.  Two giant blue whales popped up right next to the boat and we stopped for giant appreciation time.  The first group of at least 250 dolphins came by with many dozens of sea lions in the group.  Later two more giants came up and also gave great looks.

As we left for home, a second group of dolphins found us and we slowed down to enjoy their company.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

PS   The next public whale watch will be Friday, December 1.

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