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Large numbers of blue whales and fin whales again

2018 06-13 SB Channel

Skies were hazy and the ocean was calm and things were great for locating wildlife.  The great population numbers of the largest of all whales, the blues and fins, continued again today in the southeastern region of the Santa Barbara Channel.  “So little time, so many whales,” has been the story for the past few weeks.  The numbers which follow represent, as they always do, the numbers of each species that we closely watched and got good looks at.  Today there were many more huge spouts all around the zone, but we are reporting 8 blue whales, 4 fin whales and 350 long-beaked common dolphins.  This is definitely the time to get out here and see these magnificent beasts with your own eyes.

The hot spot was in and around The Lanes adjacent to the eastern portion of the Island of the Holy Cross, Santa Cruz.  Our first sighting occurred when the dolphins located the Condor Express and interacted with us.  It was a nice visit for sure.  Both blue whales and fin whales were feeding sub-surface and spent a good part of their cycle up and breathing air where we could watch them go about their business.  The fins were friendlier and they paid a few visits to the boat.  Their close relatives, the blues, were a few more meters away. The blues were better and kicking up and showing their tail flukes though.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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