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Lots of gray whales, humpback whales and over 1000 dolphins.

2020 03-07 SB Coast

Overcast skies with no wind and calm seas provided great conditions for Captain Colton and the crew of the Condor Express to locate and closely watch a plethora of cetaceans. Sightings combined from our two trips today included 1000+ long-beaked common dolphins, 7 Pacific gray whales and 3 humpback whales.

Several groups of dolphins were encountered, some along the outer edge of the coastal kelp forests and others a few miles out. They were (naturally) very boat friendly while their main occupation was feeding on northern anchovies spread across the coast. Humpback whales were found mixed with these dolphins and were feeding sub-surface on the same anchovy schools. Two sightings (one each on different trips) were made of a large adult humpback, and one afternoon sighting was of a juvenile.

The gray whales were abundant today and most, but not all, were predictably swimming towards their feeding grounds in Alaskan waters. On the early trip a group of 4 grays were socializing and rolling around with each other. On the afternoon trip 2 were swimming just under the surface and easily tracked. The last gray whale sighting was of a very small juvenile whale, found offshore, and heading south.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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