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Lots of humpbacks including Scarlet

2017 09-17 SB Channel Skies were overcast most of the day, but the sea surface was calm and so were the winds. Captain Eric reports seeing 8 humpback whales and 750 long-beaked common dolphins. All the action was to the north of The Lanes again today, but further west.

Common dolphins were in groups of 50 or so individuals and focused on feeding. Northern anchovy schools are still abundant and make up the main food supply of the dolphins and whales today. The dolphins always come to the boat and take a feeding brake to ride our wake.

Among the 8 whales closely watched we saw our pal “Scarlet.” Although the whales seemed to be working on deep anchovy schools, Scarlet paid a few nice visits to the Condor Express during her long surface intervals. The clear water enhanced the view of the dolphins and Scarlet.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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