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Minkes, Humpbacks, Dolphins and a Fin Whale

2015 10-15 SB Channel

Captain Eric found a medium bump on the Santa Barbara Channel surface, a light wind, and partly cloudy sky.   He took the Condor Express about 7 miles south of the Harbor and found a nice variety of marine life.   There were 2 Minke whales, one of which was “logging” on the surface most of the time, and 3 friendly humpback whales with one approach so close the beast rubbed its head on the port bow. At least 750 long-beaked common dolphins worked the area too.

Moving out past The Lanes Eric found a huge fin whale that had long surface times and short down times. Again, great looks were had.

The trip finished up with a nice tour of the west end of Santa Cruz Island. Minkes, Humpbacks, Dolphins and a Fin Whale, WOW!

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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