Monday, Labor Day — Whale Report

Happy Holidays, Here is what the Condor Express closely watched today: 3 Blue Whales (including a mother and her calf) 12 Humpback Whales (mostly feeding on the surface) 25 California Sea Lions 1 Ocean Sunfish (Mola mola) It was a nice day out on the grounds.  Of course, you never know on a day to day basis what mother nature has in store.  But it is always an amazing day full of sea creatures and adventures on the high seas when the Condor Express leaves the dock every day at 10am regularly.  Hope to see you and your associates out there… Sign up now and tell your friends.  Call 1-888-77WHALE or 805-882-0088 to get your name on the list before all the spots fill up. Photographs from many trips, including today's, are available online

Best fishes and have a WHALE of a day ! Bob Perry Condor Express PS   This email address is outgoing only, to reach a human being, email me directly at

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