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More and more humpbacks with very active little calves

More and more humpbacks with very active little calves

Again we had a marine layer, not fog, and very calm seas on which to travel and search for whales.  Only a few miles out of Santa Barbara Harbor we found anchovy bait balls with lots of species feeding, just as I reported and photographed yesterday.   Today Captain Dave closely watched 10 humpback whales, 6 of which were mother-calf pairs, working hot spots from the ones mentioned closer to home all the way to the southeast and into the commercial shipping lanes.  And like yesterday many of the little calves were very actively exercising their bodies and imitating the dramatic tail throws and pectoral fin slaps their mothers use.  One of the mother-calf pairs was familiar to us because mom has a distinctive propeller scar on her back and the calf has no dorsal fin, seems short and stocky, and is a very light color.  Is this little guy a hybrid?  …or just out on the edge of the bell curve for humpback calves?   The many many hot spots were being attacked by seabirds, sea lions and at least 3,000 common #dolphins as well as by the big #whales.  The trip also took advantage of our close proximity to Santa Cruz Island to take a little island coastal tour including a peak inside beautiful Potato Harbor and all points east.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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