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More Humboldt Squid !!

Hi, Folks..

I'm in the process of moving and did not get out to see the wildlife myself, but with thanks to Debbie Shelley, our loyal CINC naturalist, I've posted  her trip report today: 

30 common dolphin 300 humbolt squid 125 risso's dolphin Another great trip!!  went out in thick fog and spotted a few dolphin.  The people from england and holland were just amazed at how fun the dolphins were.  We headed west to Santa Cruz Island and we spotted the humboldt squid.  They were spurting big water fountains around the boat.  even the few people who were sea sick were happy with this great sighing.  No one would have imagined that we were about to see a very unique sight of 125 risso's dolphins about 1/2 mile off the coast of Santa Cruz Island.  it was totally breathtaking.  some of the passenger commented on just the serenity of hearing them come up for air.  We watched them for about 30 minutes.  There were lots of calf's in the pod also.   We then entered Painted cave and there were about 10 kayak come out of the cave.  the passenger's were very impressed with the cave.   Another great day in paradise!!!  Thanks to Captain Dave for all the great interpretive info and Dennis and Amanda for all there help with helping the passengers.  Thank you Kathrin for the great info on the opening talk.  Everyone was totally into the talk.    Debbie Shelley

I'll be back soon…

Bob Perry

Condor Express

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