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Mother and Calf, Dolphins, Sea Lions and an Elephant Seal

2015 04-27 SB Coast

Captain Eric and Augie put their best four combined eyes on the job today and their sightings added to an already spectacular day. (Tasha was busy in the Main Salon and Galley) The weekend winds subsided and left us with very light winds at noon, turning absolutely “mill pond” glassy by 1230. It was warm and sunny and the great blue water clarity has returned to the coast. The stage was set for a wonderful excursion.

12 noon. Off the lighthouse we encountered a pod of about 100 long-beaked common dolphins. They were friendly and everyone got excited. We were a half mile off the beach at that time so when the encounter ended we headed back to shore. On the way there was a gang of about 25 California sea lions all “porpoising” through the kelp beds. After that, it took us a while but we finally got situated on a mother gray whale and her calf just off the kelp at Coal Oil Point (aka, Counter Point, because the Gray Whales Count volunteers work there). Clear blue water, sunny skies and a mother with her calf. What could be better?   We followed at a safe distance up to the Ellwood Oil Pier before our time ran out.  Back inside Santa Barbara Harbor we saw the usual Pacific harbor seals on the bait barge, but today we had a special visitor….an elephant seal pup!   It was hauled out on the beach near the Condor Express.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

Look for today’s photograph sometime tomorrow

A few spots still available for the all day pelagic trip on May 17. Call toll free at 888-77WHALE.

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