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No Fog! Wonderful Adventure Today.

No Fog!  Wonderful Adventure Today.

Captain Dave and his A-Team crew headed to the eastern Santa Barbara Channel under clear skies, warm sun, and calm seas.  The “fog monster” that made us work so hard yesterday was not around.  We watched 3 individual humpback whales today and one of them was “active.”  The active #whale breached not too far from the Condor Express, then came closer and threw its tail a few times to show us who was boss.  There were long beaked common dolphins around all day, and some pods were actively feeding on the surface with sea lions and various seabirds on “hot spots.”   Dave estimates at least 2,000 #dolphins today.  A couple of Minke whales were also interested in the anchovy hot spots and made themselves visible to all for great sightings.  All in all it was a wonderful adventure today.

NOTE:  This Saturday, September 27, there will not be an open public whale watch trip.  Please join us on Friday or Sunday (or next week).

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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