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October ends with a bang

Nature lovers,

The Condor Express headed east across mill pond, flat glass waters.  Bright sun kept everyone in light clothing.  Here and there a common dolphin pod could be seen feeding on small scattered schools of northern anchovies.  Soon the first Humpback Whale spouts could be seen blowing straight and tall.  The windless conditions caused the spouts to hang forever in the clear blue sky.  These were whales on the move, heading east with deliberation.  Wiley ol' Captain Dave patiently followed along, as he knew the whales might be heading for someplace of interest to humans and cetaceans alike.  Dave's plan proved fruitful as it was not too long before the first of several big oceanic hot spots were spotted.  Birds crashing, common dolphins slashing through, and the ever present California Sea Lions all took advantage of the bountiful anchovy masses creating huge feeding frenzies.  This was the Humpback Whale target zone.  Lunging straight up trough the fray, first a solo whale, then a pair, and finally a trio, fed in a coordinated, choreographed dance that was at the same time magnificent and shocking.  Thousands of little silvery fish boiled up and jumped everywhere in their futile attempt to escape the massive jaws of hungry whales.  The script repeated itself for several hours before the Condor Express had run out of time and headed back across the mirror calm seas to home.  I was lucky to be there and capture what small portion of the spectacle I could with digital cameras.  I'll post the images this week to the boat photo site.

Here's the final scorecard:

6 Humpback Whales 4 Minke Whales 800 – 1000 Common Dolphins 500 California Sea Lions Call 888-77WHALE or 805-882-0088 to book your trip. Visit our website: For images from today and previous trips:

In addition to the expert crew on the Condor Express with over 35 years of experience, Channel Islands Naturalist Corps volunteer naturalists, representatives from the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and National Park, are usually on board and available to answer your questions. Best fishes and have a WHALE of a day! Bob Perry Condor Express

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