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OMG – It’s another humpback whale mega-day!

An extremely friendly humpback whale “mugs” the Condor Express.

Don’t get depressed over the fact that Captain Mat didn’t spot another albatross today like he did yesterday. Because he did spot that same GIANT hot spot feeding frenzy area we had with all the dolphins and humpback whales and seabirds, even though it had moved about 4 miles east. In fact it was expanding and then contracting as the many predators, large and small, moved the anchovy schools outward and then back into a tight ball. Let me say that there was no practical way to count the humpback whales today unless you had a hand clicker and knew in advance who was who out there. The crew agreed that we watched at least 15, with many many more spouts, tail lobs, pectoral slaps and breaches all around in the distance. There was marine life feeding as far as the eye could see. The same situation applies to the common dolphin population estimate…we’ll say 3,500, but honestly, if you doubled that number no one on board the Condor Express would argue. In addition to the tail lobs, pect slaps, and rolling around that I mentioned above, one rogue beast came up to the boat and stayed next to us, and under us for quite a while. Its white pectoral fins could be seen clearly through the deep blue water. We still had those fabulous sunny skies and moderate winds today.

Put on your suncreen and c’mon out and catch the show. I’ll post the photos from today’s trip sometime tomorrow.

Best regards Bob Perry Condor Express

PS Don’t forget this Saturday is an all day (8am – 4pm) whale watch with the American Cetacean Society LA Chapter. FInd out more including how to get a ticket on their website:

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