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Plenty of Friendly Humpbacks

Plenty of Friendly Humpbacks

Captain Dave ran two trips today.  On the 12 noon adventure he ran the Condor Express east to the line of oil platforms off the Summerland coast.  Here he found 2 friendly humpback whales that approached the boat several times and otherwise fluked-up regularly as they moved on a somewhat straight course.   Later on during this trip he spotted a third humpback whale and followed it along at a safe distance too.  There were calm seas and sunny skies for the noon excursion.  Just outside Santa Barbara Harbor, on the way back to SEA Landing, Dave’s professionally trained eyes caught a glimpse of something bulky in the water near the outer harbor buoy… the red and white one.   Curious, but no positive identification.

Next was the 3pm afternoon adventure and as the Condor Express left the Harbor area, Dave slowed down near that red and white outer buoy and it became immediately obvious what the bulky animal in the water had been earlier.  There was a large male Stellar sea lion now hauled out on the buoy.  It was so big and heavy the buoy was listing badly to one side from the mass of this beast.  Wow, what a special sighting.  Continuing onward, Dave caught up with that third humpback whale again out past the oil rigs.  It had settled in on a straight course to the southwest with 4-5 minute down times.  Everyone was enjoying the good looks, and feeling relaxed with the nice sighting when the beast took flight and breached completely out of the water very close to the Condor Express.  That got everyone’s hear beating a bit faster !

The sunny skies began to give way to some low clouds as a storm system well to the north of us was sending moisture our way.  It should still be great conditions for whale watching again tomorrow and at this time all three trips are scheduled (9a, 12n and 3p).  Hope to see you on board.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.Bob Perry Condor Express

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