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Rains clear out and whales move in

2018 03-23 SB Coast

Captain Dave and his crew were happy to find that the major rain storms of this week had left the area and seas were relatively calm.  Two trips left Santa Barbara Harbor and resulted in 8 gray whales being closely watched: 4 on each trip.

The noon trip was filled with happy passengers from a giant cruise ship that was calling Santa Barbara home.  These hearty seafaring folks came off the giant ship and got right on the Condor Express.  About 3 miles out from the harbor a single northbound gray whale was located and watched until we approached Campus Point and UCSB.  At the campus a pair of whales was encountered.

After this great sighting, Dave turned the boat around and headed home.  Close to the harbor another single whale crossed our path and, again, we had wonderful looks.

The afternoon trip found a pair of whales off Hendry’s Beach and 3 miles offshore.  Like all the whales this time of year, these were northbound.  Off UCSB Dave turned around and on the way back home located another pair of whales.  One of these whales breached several times…always a wild sight to behold!

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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