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Rope, Scarlet and throngs of other humpback whale put on a show

2015 07-05 SB Channel

Rope, Scarlet and throngs of other humpback whales put on a show.

Captain Eric found a mother lode of humpback whales and long-beaked common dolphins today south of Charlie. Whales were coming around the Condor Express in groups of 2 and 3.   We ended up closely watching 15 #whales, but there was another dozen or more all around the feeding hot spot.   Most of the anchovy schools were sub-surface, however a few instances of surface lunge-feeding was observed which took the form of forward “chomping,” rather than perpendicular lunges. At least 2000 #dolphins were all around, all day.

Among the whales watched we found two old pals, Scarlet and Rope.   Scarlet was on her own but did come by to say hi to her fan club.   Rope is still with the friend she had last week when she “mugged” us. Rope and pal went through their repertoire including head-standing, tail throwing, rolling around and, once again, mugging the Condor Express.   What a fantastic day we had on a calm ocean with little or no wind. There was a thin marine layer but visibilities were good enough to see Santa Cruz Island 24 miles away.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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