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Santa Barbara Channel still hot with Humpback Whales

Santa Barbara Channel still hot with Humpback Whales

Out to the northeast Santa Barbara Channel the mighty Condor Express sailed In the great sea conditions and nice sun shine you could say we whaled The sightings were so good that all previous trips by comparison they paled When I tried to write another line of this poem you could say I failed.

Seriously, Captain Dave reported ideal sea conditions and at least 4 humpback whales. Among the humpbacks we found our mascot “Rope” and her friend, and they were actively surface lunge feeding on big schools of shiny anchovies. Also enjoying dinner there were at least 5 Minke whales in the area. Throughout the trip we were accompanied by our favorite smaller cetaceans: approximately 800 common dolphins.

A normal public whale watch schedule is on the books for Friday and Saturday, with a 10am departure and approximate 230pm return.

Hope to see you on board…and I promise no on board poems. Best Bob Perry Condor Express

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