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Solid cetacean sightings in the fog.

2019 08-25 SB Channel Far West

The action was south of Gaviota Pass and not quite as far west as yesterday. Despite ¼ mile or less visibility all day, Captain Colton and his crew closely watched 2 humpback whales, 2000+ long-beaked common dolphins and 150 offshore bottlenose dolphins. It may have been foggy, but seas were very calm with nearly zero wind all day.

The first batch of common dolphins came to the boat when we were a few miles out from UCSB. There were large groups of these dolphins and their friendly interactions with the boat were fun, as always, to watch. A larger and generally more animated species, the offshore bottlenose dolphins, were also seen in this area. A large pod played around the boat and demonstrated lots of aerial antics.

West of Harmony we found larger concentrations of birds and dolphins working on the surface. Our keen-eyed deckhand, Devin, somehow picked out a large whale in the fog. It was fairly businesslike and went about its short dives and long surface intervals. After a particularly deeper dive, as suggested by showing its awesome tail flukes, the beast launched itself out of the water for a massive, full (and totally unexpected) breach. Wow!

A bit further west we also watched a juvenile whale as it mixed in and fed with common dolphins.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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