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Springtime Feeding

2016 05-14 SB Channel – East

Across mirror glass waters with an overcast marine layer, Captain Dave ran his trip to the far east to an area deep into the Flats where we had a really good show yesterday.  Things were even better today and at least 3 very active, surface-feeding humpback whales were located and made several lazy close approaches to the Condor Express.  Two Minke whales and at least 400 long-beaked common dolphins were also found on this hot spot.   The dolphins were chasing bait upside-down along the glassy surface.

On the run across to Santa Cruz Island another single humpback whale was watched for a while in the Lanes, and then a nice tour of the eastern end of the Island ended inside picturesque Potato Harbor.  Just outside Potato, on the way home, 2 more humpback whales were located south of the Lanes.

It was a fantastic excursion.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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