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Summer in April

2016 04-18 SB Channel

Summer in April!

Captain Dave steered the Condor Express on a single, 12 noon, excursion today. We encountered mill pond glassy flat seas and un-seasonably warm air temperatures. Out of the harbor Dave ran a few miles south to find a large herd on long-beaked common dolphins, perhaps 1,200 animals, stretched out over a couple of miles. After a while the first of two humpback whales popped up right next to the boat and swam underneath from one side to the other in clear, blue water. What a sight !   Soon the second whale was up and showed good tail flukes on each dive.

Next, Dave ran in towards the coast to see if there were any gray whaless in the corridor. Off Hendry’s he located a mother gray whale and her calf that were slowly moving west, and again that clear blue water made the sighting amazing.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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