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Summer Krill Brings Many Humpback Whales

Summer Krill Brings Many Humpback Whales

The news from the feeding grounds was good again today.  Weather and sea conditions were nice; a moderate breeze with not much swell on it.  The sun darted in and out of the clouds until claiming victory in the afternoon.  Although 14 humpback whales were closely watched, there were many many more spouts in the area.  And although no blue whales were directly watched today, many of the aforementioned spouts were extremely tall, and if we had more time, I’m certain they would have led us to blue whales.  There was a mother calf humpback pair, and numerous surface feeding lunges today.  Several close passes by the Condor Express gave great looks at these #whales.  Again, common #dolphins were all over the feeding grounds along with sea birds and sea lions.  More than 2,500 dolphins were estimated in the area.  We’re running the same schedule every day now:  10am – 230pm.

You never know what Mother nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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