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Surface lunge feeding

2018 08-23 SB Channel

There were great sightings north of Santa Rosa Island today! Humpback whale surface lunge feeding was happening today. Captain Dave and his crew scoured the usual hot spots and ended up further south and to the west of the previous activity this week.  Totals included 4 humpback whales, 1800 long-beaked common dolphins, 200 California sea lions and 50 offshore bottlenose dolphins

It was a sunny day with that cobalt blue clear water we get during the warm water season.  All the action was north of Santa Rosa Island, as mentioned above.  Group after group of common dolphins patrolled this hot zone and worked in conjunction with humpback whales, sea lions and heaps of frenzied feeding sea birds.

There were two groups of two whales.  The first pair did some nice surface lunge feeding.  The water clarity was so good that the bait balls could be watched before the whale engulfed them.  One whale repeatedly lunged vertically, straight up and down.  Tiny anchovy escapees were flying everywhere. Many of the tiny fish became easy prey for the other hungry species in the zone.

Seas started out nice with little or no wind, but as we moved further west and south, it became breezy.  It’s always nice to see sunny skies, blue water and wind moving the ocean spray around. At one point a large herd of offshore bottlenose passed through the area in their usual highly animated and acrobatic manner.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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