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Tail Throw Fake-Out

2016 04-12 SB Channel

Captain Dave took the Condor Express south of the rig line to a very productive zone.  There was but a single trip today, leaving at 12 noon, but it was a doozie.  Sunny skies prevailed and a light breeze that never exceeded 11.5 kts wafted across the ocean surface which had a tiny bit of chop from the western Channel.  When we arrived in the land of the spouts we were just northeast of Habitat and although there were at least a dozen humpback whales within visual range, we only had time to closely watch 8 of them.  A mega-pod of around 1,000 long-beaked common dolphins was located and gave us spectacular looks.

Perhaps the most unique and dramatic sighting today was from one of the humpback whales.  After each surface interval it would kick the tail half of its entire body out of the water.  We all expected to see a big tail throw or something, but with the tail up and even arched over towards the head, it slowly sank into the depths for its deeper dive.  It was a tail throw fake-out every time!  I’m sure this behavior gave that whale a great entry angle and wonderful velocity on the dive, but it sure had everyone on board getting their emotional chains pulled.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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