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The bait is here and today the Minke whales took it.

Condor Express Crew on the Flybridge

The bait is here and today the Minke whales took it.

The west Channel is blowing pretty hard and although down east there is hardly any wind, the sea surface did have a little residual chop coming down from the west. It was fabulously sunny and clear all day. Due to the west Channel winds and slightly bumpy surface, we did not attempt an island run. Instead, we ran east to the northeast Channel and the flats which were more alive with schools of bait (northern anchovies) than we’ve seen in a long time.

The elegant terns plus other seabirds and common dolphins were there to enjoy the banquet. And a couple of hungry Minke whales were seen there too. One of the Minke whales surfaced right in front of the Condor Express, then came up a few other times pretty close to the boat. Traces of its breath lingered in the air for all to enjoy 😉

So not only was it a warm sunny day, but due to the presence of all the anchovies, there were numerous oceanic hot spots with tons of birds sitting, diving and crashing on the surface, and feeding common dolphins swimming through the feathered beasts….sending them flying.

The water was so clear that a local small plane pilot told us he could clearly see the Minke whales from an altitude of 1,500 feet. Many of the 2,000 or so common dolphins had babies swimming alongside.

It was a very enjoyable expedition. Best regards Bob Perry – Condor Express

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