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The coastal kelp super highway was firing on all cylinders today.

2017 04-17 SB Coast

Captain Eric took command of two excursions with the Condor Express today for a fabulous day which concluded with a total of 13 gray whale sightings.  For the next several weeks things will be very active along the coastal kelp super highway.

9 am The first trip saw a total of 9 gray whales. Two pairs of gray whales were intercepted and watched off the old lighthouse.  The calves were seen rolling around, spy hopping and blowing bubbles underwater.  Moving west, a single gray whale was found off More Mesa.  It was a small juvenile whale.  Moving slightly offshore, Eric and the crew located another mother-calf pair about 3 miles out.  And finally, even further offshore, two large adult whales were seen swimming northbound.

12 noon The second trip included two mother-calf pairs, or 4 whales total.  The first pair was watched off More Mesa and included a rolling and playing calf.  The second pair was found off the submerged pipe kelp line next to the Goleta Pier.  This calf was also very playful.  The coastal kelp super highway was firing on all cylinders today.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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