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The Flats Fire Up & Humpback Whales Abound

2016 02-11 SB Channel – East

The humpback whales are back in the eastern Santa Barbara Channel in an area we find them when they return in the Spring. We call this hotspot The Flats due to its relatively featureless bottom topography. Captain Dave decided to sniff around The Flats for a little recon and was abundantly rewarded with very good looks at 18 humpback whales and many more spouts all around in the area. Once again, as if the seasonal clock had been dialed forward, numerous large bait balls were found simply by the presence of actively feeding seabirds and foraging long-beaked common dolphins, sea lions and unseen fishes in the depths.

The bait balls sought shelter in the shade of the big white catamaran and our loyal cetacean fans were able to peer directly down into the hundreds of thousands of little silvery fish as they were ritualistically attacked by the assembled predators. It was a NatGeo or Wild Kingdom kind of day when the food chain came to us.

Sea conditions were like a mill pond and the sun was warm. Dolphin totals were hard to estimated but Dave believes 700 is a solid number. I urge you all to get out here now before our trip schedule changes next Monday.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

PS   The 25% off coupon deal has been extended through February 13. Print and show the coupon, available free on our FaceBook page, to be eligible for this special deal while it lasts.

PSS On February 15 we change over our schedule to coastal northbound gray whales (with other species frequently encountered) and offer three 2.5-hour trips per day. For more information go to our website

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