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The sun finally came out and we had another nice mugging.

Image- A humpback whale mugs the Condor Express

2024 05-21 SB Channel 

Captain Eddy and the crew reported sunny skies with a bit of haze. There was a light bump on the water. Sightings today included 20 common dolphins, 1 Minke whale, and 1 humpback whale. We ran a straight line from the harbor to a point about 5 miles north of the Santa Cruz Channel, between Santa Cruz Island and Santa Rosa Island.

A few miles off of Ledbetter Beach there was a scattered group of common dolphins, perhaps 20 of them. We watched them feeding subsurface and playing with the wake of the boat. Also in the area, we watched a single Minke whale. We had good looks at three distinct surface intervals.

At our farthest point from home, we had a wonderful encounter with a large juvenile humpback whale. It mugged the boat for at least a half an hour. (See today's image for an example). Once again, it was a rare and wonderful selfie opportunity.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.

Bob Perry 

Condor Express, and

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