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The Team Gets a Treat – Humpback Whales Run Amok

A female humpback whale runs amok today.

The Condor Express flybridge team was not too far away from Santa Barbara Harbor, with overcast skies and glassy seas, when a monster splash was spotted a mile or so east of the boat. Captain Dave ran for it and hit the jackpot. In the midst of countless hot spots full of shearwaters and common dolphins, we found that same mother humpback with her calf. Today feeding was apparently not on their minds, because the adult female alternated between being completely motionless on the surface for many minutes (logging) and then slapping her pectoral fins, breaching completely out of the water, and trumpet blowing. The juvenile whale stayed close to mom throughout the episode.

The surface remained at Beaufort 1, mirror glass, all day. The only time we saw any turbulence was when a huge pod of common dolphins came by and roiled up the water for a few minutes. We also had a great look at a nice sized Minke whale that came up near the boat 4 or 5 times in a row.

What a day!

I’ll post up the photos sometime tomorrow. https://

Best regards, Bob Perry Condor Express Odd Jobs

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