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Thousands of dolphins, 13 humpbacks including the unique whale we saw yesterday.

2019 06-15 SB Channel

I know many of you will want to know that, yes, we did see that same humpback whale with the unique feeding style again today. And, yes, it did feed the same way again. However, the number of repeat behaviors was far less than yesterday. Otherwise, we had a fantastic trip with high stratus, cool breezes and calm seas. Totals included 13 humpback whales and 2,000 long-beaked common dolphins.

Captain Dave reports seeing whales and dolphins together in widely dispersed groupings. All the action was in the mid-Channel region again today, from 5 to 12 miles offshore. Groups of 2 and 3 whales, as well as many single whales were watched, and dolphins were everywhere the whales were watched.

In addition to seeing and watching the unique-feeding humpback mentioned above, additional surface activity was observed. Early in the trip we moved slowly towards a very active whale that had been breaching and lob-tailing in the near distance. As we neared the area, the whale went crazy with pectoral fin slaps, sometimes on its back (upside down), sometimes on its side. It became extremely boat friendly and spent a lot of time with whale eye-to-human eye contact. At the end of this encounter the beast breached very close to the Condor Express.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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