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Two Gray Whales

Two Gray Whales

Captain Eric found gray whales again today as he took the Condor Express from across the 50-fathom line then down east.   Sea conditions were moderate in the aftermath of yesterday’s storm system, so running east generally keeps the ride smooth for our dedicated whale watchers.

The first gray whale was found heading southbound (which means east through the Santa Barbara Channel) along the previously mentioned 50-fathom line. It was a regular whale with predictable up and down times, and thus everyone had great looks.

Continuing east, Eric then located a pair of gray whales, but only one of them was cooperative. Again, the one was a good whale to observe. From this point the Condor Express circled the edge of the Flats without finding additional spouts, then headed home.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

¤ Don’t forget we run every day between Christmas and New Year’s week end.

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