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Whale Watch Count for Condor Express

Thank you all for continuing to share our whale watching counts and spreading a recommendation of our trips!  We are having a great Spring season so far with many traveling Gray Whales, Friendly Humpback Whales, and playful Common Dolphin in our channel.  Our most recent sightings were:

Friday March 12:  We ran 2 trips and watched a total of 5 Gray Whales, 3 Humpback Whales, and about 1200 Common Dolphin.

Saturday March 13: We ran 3 trips and watched a total of 7 Humpback whales and about 300 Common Dolphin.

Sunday March 14:  We ran 3 trips and watched a total of 10 Humpback Whales, 4 Gray Whales, and about 2200 Common Dolphin.

*Attached is a picture from our morning trip of a friendly Humpback Whale, taken from one of our crew member's phone.

Please call us at 1-888-77Whale if you have any questions regarding our trips or to make a reservation to come out with us.  We are continuing to run 7 days/week at 9am, Noon, and 3pm.

Kind Regards,

The CONDOR Express Crew

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