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Wild Humpback Whale Behaviors Again !

South of the rig line there were several bait ball hot spots with the usual suspects dining on the anchovy cuisine.   The humpback whales were on the scene and vertical lunge feeding at the surface, including cooperative groups of  3 – 4 whales together, was observed.  Long-beaked common dolphins were very numerous all day long and also joined the banquet areas.  Today the water clarity seemed to improve a lot and this made the anchovy schools visible beneath the water from the decks of the Condor Express.   In the rig line hot spots alone Captain Dave estimated 14 or more #whales.   After a good, long session with these feeding giants, we ran further south hoping to get into the blue whale region we located yesterday.   As we crossed the shipping lanes, however, the otherwise mild weather and sea conditions rapidly deteriorated and we turned back due to poor whale sighting quality.  On the way home a mother-calf humpback pair was watched, and the little calf was really feeling its oats, or mother’s milk.   The calf breached repeatedly, rolled around, slapped its pects and made a few juvenile attempts to throw its little tail.   Totals for the day included 16 humpback whales and over 3,000 #dolphins.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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