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Yet another gorgeous day full of marine life in the Santa Barbara Channel

Total score: Gray whales = 12++ Risso’s dolphins = 25 long beaked common dolphins = 1525 California sea lions = 500

Today the Condor Express pushed out through the Santa Cruz Channel and into the open sea of the Pacific Ocean south of the Santa Barbara Channel Islands. It was a gorgeous day full of marine life…sunny, warm, clear skies and blue water. Again we saw spouts from southbound gray whales everywhere between the islands (Sta Rosa and Sta Cruz) and closely followed a dozen. Common dolphins and Risso’s dolphins were present as was the big mob of sea lions we saw yesterday.

The weather is supposed to hold through the weekend, so come on out and join the fun! Also, on Saturday we will assist CIMWI (Channel Islands Marine and Wildlife Institute) release 3 pinnipeds that were rehabilitated.

I’ll post up the photos from today’s trip tomorrow.


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