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An Island Kayak trip runs smack into the Mother Lode of Whales !!

Whale Lovers,

Dateline:  Sunday, May 1st – Santa Barbar Channel

Okay, so were on a private charter trip taking 38 young executives out for a morning of fantastic kayaking along the northwest corner of Santa Cruz Island.  It was bright, sunny and only a gentle breeze at times.  On the way to the island there were numerous Humpacks and spouts all over the whaling grounds, but what intrigued all of us including many kayakers from all across our great nation, was one particularly tall and straight spout.  Could this be a Blue Whale?  The prime objective was, of course, a morning of kayaks.  But after the kayaks had be loaded back up and we were heading home, we hit the “mother lode.”   All of the following were seen together on one HOT SPOT…and this was not a whale watching trip!

6 Humpback Whales (tons of more spouts all around us in the distance


1 Blue Whale !

C'mon out and see the show, you never know what Mother Nature has in store for you in the way of fabulous sightings when you come on board. Make your reservations now and see the Humpbacks, Blues, plus  whatever else is happening out there in our wonderful Channel. 

Call 888-77WHALE  or 805-882-0088 to book your trip.

Visit our NEW website:

…or to view from today and  previous trips: In addition to the expert crew on the Condor Express with over 35 years of experience, Channel Islands Naturalist Corps volunteer naturalists, representatives from the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and National Park, are usually on board and available to answer your questions during the trip.  Best fishes and have a WHALE of a day!

Bob Perry Condor Express

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