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Condor Express gets MUGGED…by a Gray Whale !!!!!

Gray Whale Won’t Leave the Condor Express Alone photo: Capt Eric

Condor Express gets MUGGED…by a Gray Whale !!!!!

Out of a total of 3 gray whales today, two were seen on the coast.  But the one offshore gray whale was confused….it must have thought it was a humpback!  This gray whale would not leave the boat alone for over an hour.  It swam around, under and up and down both sides and made the whale watchers huff and puff….as they ran from one side to the other to watch the antics.  This was beyond belief and it is very unusual behavior outside of the Mexican lagoons.   We were very luck to have had this magical encounter.  About 50 Risso’s dolphins were also seen.

I say this a lot, but especially today:   you never know what Mother Nature has in store!

Bob Perry

Condor Express

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