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Even Hotter Summer Whales !!

Local Whale Lovers,

Today we ran an 8-hour expedition with the American Cetacean Society and we were treated to mild summer weather and mostly glassy seas..  We were again on the “mother lode” and here is what we watched closely today:

(Remember, these numbers are from a longer than normal, all day trip)

8  Blue Whales 25  Humpback Whales 900 Short Beaked Common Dolphins 2100 Long Beaked Common Dolphins 8 Bottlenose Dolphins 20 Risso's Dolphins 25 Ocean Sunfish juveniles (Mola mola)

Several Humpbacks mugged the boat, and almost all of them were in groups ranging from 2 to 12.  It was massive on the grounds today.

Pelagic birds recorded: Fulmars Cassin's Auklet Sabines Gulls Pomarine Jaeger Black Storm Petrels Ashy Storm Petrels Semipalmated plover Sooty Shearwaters Pink Footed Shearwaters Common Murres Red Phalaropes Red-necked Phalaropes

We have had quite a few days with dense populations of whales on the shelf break.  Who knows what the future may bring.  Suggestion:  sign up now and get in on all the action while it lasts.

 Call 888-77WHALE or 805-882-0088 to book your trip.

Visit our NEW website: …or to view images from today and from previous trips: Best fishes and have a WHALE of a day! Bob Perry Condor Express

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